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Summer Film Camp runs from Monday 12th - Friday 16th August 9:00am - 16:00pm.  Students will spend the week creating and starring in their own movie.  They will learn all about the filming process and assist behind the scenes as well as acting, singing and dancing on screen.  Family & friends then join to watch the film back in the cinema at the end of the Summer Holidays.

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Summer Film camp is for ages 5 - 16.  Students are separated into small classes within their age group for their acting, drama & singing classes and the bulk of the filming.  They will also take part in some mixed age group workshops too through out the filming process.  No prior performance experience is necessary, indeed most of our students have never had any performance training.


Day 1:

Students are introduced into their different age groups and take part in some ice breaking drama games to settle in and get to know each other and the teachers.  Through out the day they receive separate Acting, Singing & Drama lessons where they will contribute ideas to the films story line and begin to rehearse scenes, songs and choreography for the film. Students are introduced to the filming process, what is expected on a film set and how to act and direct one another in their scenes over the coming days.


Day 2:

The day starts as always with some fun games to settle students back in and raise confidence.  We then go straight into a day of fun rehearsals.  Scenes, Songs and Choreography are all learnt and rehearsed whilst students are taught how to perform to the camera.  Students continue to learn about the filming process and how to assist and direct behind the camera. 


Day 3 / 4 & 5:

As always we begin with some more fun games to start the morning off.  We then go in o a full days filming and recording.  Students will record their songs and solos with our professional recording microphones and will then learn how to mime to their songs on camera.  They will perform their choreography and drama pieces to camera and act and direct each other on screen. By the end of the week we have made the movie! Parents, friends and family return with the students two weeks later once the film has been edited to watch it back in the cinema and take it home on dvd. 



Students have regular breaks through out the day and in their hour lunch break have the choice of watching a movie or taking part in various different craft activities.  Students will need to bring a packed lunch, snacks and a refillable water bottle. 


We are so confident that students will love their time with us that we will fully refund all fees paid if your child has not throughly enjoyed their first day. 

*(Student must have attended the full days first session & Parents must let us know no later than 9:00pm on the first day that they will not be attending the rest of the week.)

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Fill out our enrolment form below and we will be back in touch with a welcome pack  & payment instructions. Payment can be made in full (£189.00) or in two part payments of £94.50.  One due at the time of enrolment and the second payment no later than 12/08/19.  Places are limited & allocated on a first come first served basis.

Please ensure you have read our terms & conditions and privacy policy before enrolling