Welcome to Only Young Once Modern Performing Arts where we offer a modern, creative and contemporary training in all aspects of the arts for ages 4-18.

Our Weekly School is based around the premise of making short films. Students are involved in the whole process from start to finish including coming up with the storyline & script, writing songs to appear in the film, choreographing dances and assisting with the filming itself, once the film is complete we watch it back at a local cinema with O-YO students family and friends.


Through out the whole experience students receive training in Acting, Dancing, Singing and much more as they put these skills to use in the films.


We meet once a week throughout school Term time at Brixton Base SW2 1AS 10:30 - 12:30. For more information about each term please see below or get in touch to book your free trial. 


We accept students aged between 4 - 18.  Students are placed in small classes within their own age group (4-7, 8-11, 12+).  Through out the filming process though we mix the age groups up as we find this is beneficial for our older students who take on a more directorial role, and our younger students can learn from the older groups.


We currently run one weekly Saturday school at Brixton Base Talma Road SW2 1AS from 10:30 - 12:30 through out school term time.  It is easily accessible from Brixton, Dulwich, Herne Hill, Clapham and beyond.   We also run holiday camps though the school holidays.


Our weekly school runs as follows, our holiday camp is a condensed version, with a script already created for the students.

Term 1: Film Concept & Creation.  Through lessons in Singing, Drama & Dance the students explore different themes and through improvisation and creative workshopping create the concept, storyline and eventually script for the years Film.

Term 2: Rehearsal: In classes students rehearse their scenes and work on building their characters.  Costumes are designed and created and Choreography & Songs are learnt and recorded prior to filming commencing.


Term 3: Film Term: In the final term we film the content that the students have already created and rehearsed.  They take part both infront and behind of the camera.  The term ends with our famous Film Premieres where friends and family join us to watch the film back at a local cinema. 

Students can expect to:

  • Train in  Acting, Singing/Songwriting & Dance

  • Learn about the Film Making Process

  • Take part in Directing & Production

  • Build confidence & step out of their comfort zones

  • Develop social and leadership skills

  • Make new friends

  • Have a lot of FUN!


We strive to be the very best at what we do and our entire team is passionate and driven, striving to give our students the very best possible ​experience, instilling a deep sense of confidence and self belief in them which will stay with them for life.

Meet our Team HERE

​TEL: 07388235554


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